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Here is what some of our previous customers have said.

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I hired Davin for a full house renovation that needed to be done in less than 2 months: 3 bathrooms + knocking down walls + kitchen + laundry + 2 living rooms + office + entry way + garage extension + 3 name it, it had to be done. After only 56 days, we moved in. Davin´s commitment and attention to detail are amazing. He was always enthusiastic and offered so many amazing suggestions during the whole process, I never felt that he was not interested in the job, something I felt when interviewed 3 other contractors. His trade workers were always on time and everyones work was perfect. I am still amazed at the attention to detail. Such large renovation didnt come without its problems, but everything was solved so quick, that it didnt interfere with the moving date at all. Once we moved in, Davin worked on our back yard, creating a beautiful patio and deck, and once that was done he moved on to the house frontage. EVERYTHING was perfect. There are no words to describe how talented and competent Davin is. I will hire him again in a heartbeat and am recommending him to everyone I know. Dont hesitate to hire him, he is 10/10 ! (and I am a very picky person who expects everything to be perfect). Thank you Davin and team for such dedication and hard work, it all paid off, the house is absolutely beautiful. for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


Rita Correa

N. Vancouver


A few years ago I had Samson Homes replace a large beam in my home which had been eaten by carpenter ants. The job was done quickly and with very little disruption .I was very pleased with the work and enjoyed dealing with the owner, Davin. When a fire broke out in my home in 2016 causing extensive smoke damage, I insisted that the insurance company use Samson Homes to complete the restoration on my home.

As a result of the fire, the house was completely gutted and the interior needed to be completely replaced. The project cost approximately $300,000 and consisted of the following work:

  • New metal roof

  • New electrical wiring

  • New plumbing lines

  • New insulation

  • New drywall and paint

  • New hardwood flooring and tile

  • New kitchen cabinets and counters

  • New bathrooms

  • New furnace

  • New hot water tank

  • Some new windows

  • New cedar vaulted ceilings

  • Repair sundeck

  • New interior and exterior doors

  • New lighting

All the work was completed in a timely manner and I was very pleased with the quality of the finishings. I would highly recommend Davin Samson Homes to anyone looking for a reputable contractor to build or renovate a home.

Warren Bell

901 Forest HIlls Drive

North Vancouver, BC

Dec 9, 2010

To Whomever It May Concern,

This is a letter of reference for the construction and general contracting work of Davin Samson and Davin Samson Homes Ltd.

Samson Homes carried out a major renovation on my home (built in 1977) in the year 2009. The work took about 14 months and was complicated by the fact we were living in the house at the time. Frankly, we were probably not the easiest clients to work for as we had difficulty arriving at decisions (materials and finishes) in a timely manner. The scope of work involved coordinating a variety of crews/contractors doing installation of decks, carport, demolition, new post and beams, new rooms, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new siding, plumbing, electrical, roofing, insulation, heating system, windows, doors, drywall and all finishes.

Overall I was pleased with the work Davin and his crews were able to carry out. He worked with competence and professionalism. When issues arose, as they invariably do in a renovation project of this size and complexity, Davin was able to provide solutions and resolve issues in a fair manner.

I was particularily impressed with Davin's good rapport with the local building inspectors and seeing that the project succeeded with a finalized building permit. Davin was also careful to offer options and to bargain for the best prices in building materials.

In general I would say That Samson Homes worked effeciently and expediently. His rates and billing practices seemed to be fair. I would not hesitate to hire them again, and I offer a strong positive referral.

Do not hesitate to call me to discuss in more detail.

Darren Moulder

(phone number available upon request)


Dave Cross - Vancouver,BC


I hired Samson homes in 2017 to add a garage and bedroom on to my house. They took care of every aspect of the job from foundation to roofing. The project was done on time and on budget, with great attention to detail. I would highly recommend Samson homes for any new home construction or renovation

Andrew Chin - West Vancouver BC


We found Davin and his crew to be friendly, proficient and skilled. Our garage needed a complete remake. Everything had to start from a complete tear down to the studs and removing of the old concrete flooring. It also had to be made to fit the new garage door. Throughout the course of the project we needed to make some small changes and additions and found Davin to be very accommodating and helpful. He would provide a cost estimate for each change/addition before he started so we both knew of the costs. There were no surprises.

We considered our job to be a small one, but Davin and his crew treated us as if we were just as important as a big project. Overall we are very satisfied with the work done. We would definitely consider using Davin and Samson Homes for any future construction or renos.

Posted: 10/31/2015

Andrew and Yvonne Lui   Deep Cove N Vancouver BC


Davin did our basement renovation for us. He is friendly, helpful and offered solutions to some unexpected problems encountered on site. The project was finished within budget. I would not hesitate to use him again for future projects.

Posted: 6/23/2016

Patrick Soares - Tsawwassen BC


Samson Homes worked on our home in Tsawwassen BC in 2013. They built a pool cabana which was about 300 sq ft with a foundation. Davin not only did a great job building the cabana, but suggested improvements to the design. We were pleased with the work and the improvements he made.

Posted: 4/2/2015


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